Nokes Colored

Sterling District


May 15, 1933.    Williams Edds and Mildred Nokes wrote to O.L. Emerick to open the Nokes school for the 1933/34 academic year.   The petition was signed by eight parents and friends of the school.    Nokes Petition, 1933Location:  EWP Archives: Colored Petitions.

June 14, 1933, Superintendent O.L. Emerick wrote to Ms. Mildred Nokes of Sterling responding to the request to keep Nokes School open for the 1933/34 academic year; but the School Board took no action because the attendance of the prior year had been 12 and LCPS said a legal school had to have an attendance of twenty. (Location: Colored Petitions, LCPS Archives.)

1953:   Nokes (Grades 1-7), closed 1953 – students to Fairfax County/Floris School


  • 1947/48 – 1950/51:  Nannie C. Coles.
  • 1942/43 – 1945/46:  Clarence Leopold Murray.   The Parent Teacher’s League in Sterling was so impressed that on June 18, 1947, they petitioned O.L. Emerick, Superintendent, to keep him; however Nannie C. Coles was already contracted, according to Emerick, so it was impossible to honor the request.     Nokes Petition for Murray 1945.   Mr. Murray was born Dec 23, 1885 and died May 2, 1948 in Loudoun County.  His death certificate listed his occupation as “Professor” and that he was the son of fellow instructor Bushrod Murray.  Sources:  Term Reports and Colored Petition Box, LCPS Archives., Death Certificate. Lists of Teachers, 1892-1975. Richmond, Virginia, USA: Virginia Department of Public Instruction/Education (Library of Virginia).
  • 1943/44 –  In addition, to Murray, Leona Brunswick instructed.  She was born  Sept 26, 1919 and educated at Storer High School (class of 1939) and received a BA from Storer College in 1942.  Her hometown was Bolivar, West Virginia.  Source: Teacher Reports, LCPS Archives.
  • 1939/40 –  1940-41.  N/A
  • 1933/34.   School was closed due to poor attendance.
  • 1932/33   Elizabeth Pegram. Source:  Term Reports, LCPS Archives
  • 1931/32   Elizabeth Pegram.  Source:  Term Reports, LCPS Archives.
  • 1929/30-1930/31   Mrs. Theodora Ross was elected by School Board.  Source: Loudoun Times Mirror Staff. (1930, June 12). School Board Holds Its Regular Session. Loudoun Times Mirror, p. 1.
  • 1928/29  Annie Cupid. Source:  Term Reports, LCPS Archives
  • 1927/28 Mrs. R. G. Fletcher. Source:  Term Reports, LCPS Archives
  • 1926/27 Mrs. Cornelia Bailey  (see also 1918/1919)
  • 1925/26 Miss A. Anne Arnold  Source:  Term Reports, LCPS Archives
  • 1924/25 Miss Julia Boasman  Source:  Term Reports, LCPS Archives
  • 1918/19  Mrs. Cornelia Bailey   Born 12/27/1893.  Education, secondary and normal school.   Source (Teachers Record, LCPS Archives)

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