Rectortown Colored School

Fauquier County

During our research, there have been hints that some teachers in Loudoun might have also instructed in Rectortown, a historic district of Facquier County, and then even some students might have studied in the Rectortown School as well. Some of this comes from the realization that families like the Gaskins lived in both counties.

We know Ruth Bannister of Rectortown instructed in Loudoun in the 1920’s but did Loudoun kids study there? Hints have yet to be verified; however, in case they prove accurate and in keeping with the notion of developing a database on all former segregated schools, we have added a page on the Rectortown Colored School.

Rectortown School as it was being moved. Notice similarity to some photos of former St. Louis Colored.

Rectortown was a Rosenwald school, one of eight schools for black children in Fauquier County.