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Loudoun County Public Schools
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Winchester, Va,
December 16, 1955

To: Instructors of Vocational Agriculture - Northern Va.
From: W. R. Crabill, Area Supervisor of Vocational Agriculture

Subject: Call Meeting

A joint meeting is being called of all teachers of vocational agriculture

and home economics in Northern Virginia for the purpose of discussing the

proposed Constitutional Convention to revise and amend Section 141 of the

Constitution of Virginia and to clarify any questions or misunderstandings
which may exist regarding the proposed amendment.

Mr. F. B, Cale, Director of Vocational Education, and Mr. J. G. Blount,
Finance Director, of the State Department of Education, will be present
to lead the discussion and will be able to clarify any questions which
you may have, Come prepared to ask any questions which may be on your
mind regarding the proposed change and I feel sure that they will be
answered to your satisfaction.

This meeting is of utmost importance, and it is requested that every teacher
of vocational agriculture make arrangements with their Division Superinten-
dents and Principals to be absent from school, if necessary, in order to
attend as every teacher of vocational agriculture will be expected to be
present. :

It is requested that agriculture teachers and home economics teachers
travel together in order to conserve expenses. Reimbursement for travel
to attend your designated conference may be made from vocational funds.,

Teachers from Rockingham, Augusta, Highland, Bath and Rockbridge Counties
will be expected to attend the conference on Wednesday, December 21, at
2:00 p.m., at Wilson Memorial High School, Fishersville, Va,, at the
conference room. The conference room is in the main high school section
near the principal's office.

Teachers from Shenandoah, Page, Frederick, Warren, Rappahannock, Clarke,
Fauquier, Prince William, Fairfax and Loudoung Counties are expected to
attend the conference on Thursday, December 22, at 2:00 p.m., which will
be held in the auditorium of the Clarke County High School, Berryville, Va,

You are requested to cancel any scheduled meetings which you may have that
might interfere with your attendance at this conference.

We will be delighted to have Division Superintendents and Principals attend
this conference and it is hoped that as many as possible will be able to

Home economics teachers will, of course, be notified by their district


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