Boxwood Colored School

The Boxwood Colored School was built on a one-half acre of land deeded to John A. Carter, Garner Peters, and Benjamin Berry in 1868. They were trustees for a schoolhouse and lot for the exclusive use and benefit of young colored persons and children. The price was $40 for the lot. The deed noted that "Schoolhouse may be used on Sabbath days for the exclusive benefit of colored persons and for holding religious worship on Sabbath days for the colored population of the neighborhood."

At this point, we do not know the exact location of the schoolhouse. Two years before the advent of public schools there were however three Middleburg-era schools for Blacks.

. Antioch Church, sponsored by the Freedmen's Bureau.

. Elias "Yankee" Smith school at Boxwood, south of Middleburg and

. The Willisville school.

The Edwin Washington Society wishes to acknowledge the research represented on this page, which was done by Eugene Scheel. See Loudoun Discovered V. 3, pg 91.