Brittain Colored

Edited 8/18/2023

Opening and Closing

  • Built about 1889 and known as both Briton and Brittain.  Source: EWP 6.1  1892/93-1897/98 Virginia School Register, held in archives of Lovettsville Historical Society.
  • Closed in 1915 and later became known as Guinea in 1919-1921.

Physical and Map Locations

Near Arnold’s Store, Lovettsville.  On 690 or Mountain Rd.





  • 1891/95:  John B. Spriggs
  • 1895/96: Sara F. Lewis
  • 1896/97: Charles S. Bell
  • 1897/88: Gertrude Moxley

Insurance and Physical Description

Construction: Frame, One room with coal stove, window ventilation with and water bucket and tin (probabloy tin cup).

School House was rented, according to 1892 register.