Douglass High School

(see draft report on African-American Schools in Leesburg)

Data on Douglass High School is being edited.   Please go to Leesburg Colored Schools for a preliminary study of all of the “colored” schools in Leesburg.Much on the school itself already exists on the internet or in the Balch Library in Leesburg, and Douglass also has a vibrant alumni association (LDAA).

In 2022 the Douglass Commemorative Committee in cooperation with the School Board began making plans to restore the building, which will then hold offices for the Edwin Washington Society, the Loudoun Douglass Alumni Association and the local chapter of the NAACP. Image below of a miniature statue to be erected in front of the Douglass HS Building commemorating the struggle for Black education and a formal high school. Final design by Jeff Hall, based on charcoal rendering by Larry Roeder.