Elvan Colored

Summary History

  • Location from Wikipedia:  Elvan is an unincorporated community in Loudoun County, Virginia. Originally known as Jumbo, Elvan is located on Elvan Road off Mountain Road (VA 690) in northern Loudoun County.
  • “Elvan, 1 mile from Lovettsville, population 18,” in 1908: James W. Head, History and Comprehensive Description of Loudoun County, Virginia, published by Park View Press in 1908

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We do not know how students reached the school, though given that it was a school for Blacks and given the era, we surmise that they walked.  Some might have gone by horseback.


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Mr. Charles S. Bell of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia was the “colored” instructor, operating on a 3rd Grade Certificate. Source: Lists of Teachers, 1892-1975 (1897ColoredCombined  Census of Colored Teachers 1896-97 – Done Dec 15, 1896), Richmond, Virginia, USA: Virginia Department of Public Instruction/Education.

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