Oak Grove Colored

Re-edited 8/15/2023

Opening and Closing

Uncertain when the first building was constructed.

The second building opened in 1953 and closed in 1964.

This page is under construction.  School was in Fairfax but reportedly serviced Loudoun students.

Physical and Map Locations

397 Herndon Pkwy #300, Herndon, VA 20170




An All-Black Elementary School in Pre-Integration Herndon. By Barbara Glakas.

The second Oak Grove Elementary School opened in 1953, and was closed in June 1964. It was the first school closed during integration. In 1954, the boundary line between Fairfax and Loudoun counties was re-surveyed, and a portion of the school property ended up on the Loudoun County side of the line. The majority of Oak Grove students were integrated into Floris, Herndon, and Navy elementary schools

Oak Grove historical marker. Prior to the 1953 structure, Blacks attended school in a two room, wooden structure, 1/2 mile NE of the sign. We are uncertain about opening date.


Insurance and Physical Description