Little River Colored

LITTLE RIVER  Colored School, Broad Run District, Loudoun

Data as of 11/9/2014

1)   Instructors:

  • TBD

2)  Insurance:

  • Insured by LCPS system in 1931 as a “colored” school in the Broad Run District.  Source:  LCPS Staff. (1924-1936). Insurance Record. Purcellville: See Box #11 in EWP Archives. Black Book with Red Spine and Corners)   Page 45.

3)  Closures and Openings

  • 1924:  The County School Board voted to close Little River for the 1924/25 Academic Year. Source:  Emerick, Ruth. M. (1924). Minutes of the County School Board Meeting for March 17, 1924. Purcellville: .